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Ваша продукция прекрасно работает Спасибо большое.

Valentina Teytelman (From Facebook)


I just wanted to thank Dr.Fish for great product and for being true doctor. While I had health issues doctor called me,texted me all the time to make sure I am getting better.

Polina Mayorova


69 y.o. Caucasian male with poor circulation developed ulcer behind lateral malleoli right foot. Patient was treated for two months unsuccessful with conventional therapy. Purchased and applied Rubutin cream twice a day. Complete healing 3 weeks.



Cream Rubutin literally saved our vocation in Dominican Republic. My wife had severe sun burn and two applications over night completely resolved this problem. Thank you Dr. Fish for such an effective remedy.

Vadim Z


Amazing formula very helpful.

Menzorov Elena


My husband and I have been using the pain management formula for many years. It helps us in many cases; from arthritis, back, knees, legs, hand pain and from headaches. I always have a small bottle in my bag in case of emergency. Recently walking into the garage, I accidentally badly hit my finger with a heavy metal door. The pain was such that I hardly managed to go upstairs and not lose consciousness. I held my finger for a few minutes under running water and then every hour began to apply pain management formula on it. The pain subsided and in the morning there was no pain, no puffiness or bruising. It is fantastic. Thank you to the doctor for his amazing product.

Sofia Deskin


Dr. Alexander Fish saved my husband's life. I have been a regular patient of the doctor for many years. One recent evening we were sitting together having a meal at a restaurant. Suddenly, my husband choked. He did not just choke, but it was evident that a piece of food was stuck in his throat, and he could not breathe at all. I did not have time to react, as the doctor ran up to my husband and grabbing him from behind performed the Heimlich Maneuver, dislodging the airway blocking piece of meat.
All this happened literally in a matter of seconds. We were all dumbfounded and shocked. I have never seen anything like this, although I've heard about such cases many times and of course I saw posters in restaurants, where it is shown how to help at the moment when a person is choking. This really happened to us. I'm scared to think what would have happened if not for Dr. Alexander Fish. There are not enough words of gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for the instant help, the real salvation of my husband at the time of the incident. We are immensely grateful to the doctor!
In spite of the many years of our acquaintance, I do not cease to be surprised and admire the high professionalism and his profound knowledge as a doctor in many fields, not only in his specialization. He is extremely talented in his profession! He's a Doctor with a capital letter, and a human being of great merit! Such doctors and people are rare! Thank you, Doctor!

E. & D. Athans


Dr. Alexander Fish is an exceptional doctor, who has gold hands and a generous heart. Long time ago someone on the PATH train accidentally stepped on my toe nail and severely damaged it. It is strange and actually great that I forgot how another doctor was trying to help me by performing a surgery. I cried for two days and even though it was very painful, the procedure did not help the slightest. What's more is that my nail kept getting worse and worse. Only now, after Dr. Fish's procedure, which was much less invasive and was absolutely painless. Now my poor nail looks great again and does not hurt. Doctor, you are the best! Doctor called me many times and asked if everything was healing fine and whether I was following correctly everything that has been prescribed. That is exactly how every patient dreams that their doctor will treat a patient. I cannot stop talking about my experience with this doctor and one of my colleagues already bought a pain relief formula and she is very happy with it. Also, the doctor's formula is helping my sister-in-law to relieve pain in her knees. I highly recommend Dr. Fish as the best podiatrist, and I went through three others before being treated in his office. Also, I want to add, that my insurance, Horizon, was accepted in his office.

Nina Lavlinskaia


Thank you doctor! It's just like a fairy tale about a Doctor, who helps everyone to live without pain! I was diagnosed with a degenerative, hereditary age arthritis. Because of it, I started to have terrible pains in the foot. Nothing really worked. One doctor gave me a shot, which was working for a week, then the pain came back, and with even greater force. I consulted with a doctor Alexander Fish. He openly told me that I need an operation, but for a while it can help remove the pain. And he helped with his special technique and his miracle formulas!! I do not even believe that I can walk without limping. So, I can live without an operation period of time! Thank you Doctor!!!!

Elena Ouspenskaia


I had 3 surgeries on my ingrown toenail done in Kiev, 2 surgeries done here and nothing worked. I had a piece of hypertrophic nail grow over my toenail, it looked horrible and painfull. I went to Dr.Fish as my last hope and he was amazing. The surgery was painless and whatever he did, I finally got rid of my nasty ingrown toenail forever. The recovery was easy, his post op instructions were simple and easy to follow. All my friends and family compliment me how great my nail looks now, and after 30 years of struggling with my ingrown, nasty toenail, I'm finally free of pain and worries. Thanks a lot, Dr.Fish.

Izabella Medvinsky


Dr.Fish fixed my ingrown toenail after multiple surgeries done by other doctors. The procedure was fast, no pain and recovery was very fast and easy. After 2 days I forgot that I had surgery and my mom had to remind me to follow Dr.Fish's instructions. His products are great and really help to speed up recovery time. Will definitely recommend Dr.Fish to all my friends. Thanks Dr.Fish.

Irvin Haytman


Had ingrown nail removed from my toe by Dr. Fish. Amazingly there was no blood and there was no pain! The procedure was very quick and easy, and what's amazing there was no pain afterwards. All was done with utmost professionalism, with good explanations all they way. Would highly recommend it to anyone!

Michael L


Once again I would like to express my gratitude to the amazing Dr. Alexander Fish. I have been suffering with chronic ingrown toenail, which would become painful more and more frequently. Finally I decided to brave the surgery. Twelve minutes, not a drop of blood, no pain at all, no antibiotics or pain killers, and I was back at work with my business shoes the same day.
I'm walking and smiling again!
Thank you Dr. Fish!

Alex Eingom


Dr. Fish is an amazing surgeon. He repaired bunions on both of my feet (one of which also had to have the shattered joint of my big toe removed) and I walked out of both surgeries pain-free, something unheard of in podiatric surgery. I am now able to walk comfortably and wear lovely shoes again and the scars from my surgery are practically invisible.
Dr. Fish’s Pain Management Formula is fantastic. I had a sudden onset of heal pain that felt like I had pebbles in my foot. With just 3 applications of Dr. Fish’s Pain Management Formula over 3 days, the pain disappeared. I don’t know how or why it works, but it does!

Kimberly A. Corbin


Dr Fish, I was really skeptical to use your formulas, so my mom bought your pain relief spray and also Rubutin cream and insisted that I try it. For almost 3 years my left hand was a raw wound, ever since I gave birth to my daughter I suffered from a severe dermatitis, but only on the palm of my left hand. After just four days my dermatitis was gone. I am completely amazed by the results. I also used pain relief spray for my constant pains in joints, of course the pain returns at some point, but I do have a relief for several hours, sometimes even a day! Amazing results, nothing else was helping before... Pain pills didn't work at all and I was just suffering for several years already.
So again, just wanted to thank you for great products! I am a converted fan now!

Vera Nechiporenko


I have visited Dr. Fish’s office once a month for an antifungal routine foot care and while there, he mentioned his miracle Pain Management Formula, but I was skeptical because of its multi-purpose properties. Due to my respect for Doctor Fish, I decided to buy this product and try it. One day I was cooking and burned myself. I applied the formula and in 15 minutes there was no pain, blisters or redness. Another day I irritated a painful corn on my  5th toe. I applied Pain Management Formula to it at night and in the morning it felt like nothing had happened to me. This is a wonderful remedy and I always carry this product in my purse and recommend it to all of my friends.

Nataly T.


I bought this product for my husband who has Gout in his ankle. He applied it 5 times and got rid of the pain. What surprised me the most is that in 2 years he has not had another gout attack. He likes it so much that whenever any painful discomfort occurs, he applies this Pain Management Formula at night time and in the morning he is fine again. What amazed me the most was on a day when we were having a barbecue party at our home, my 30 year old son was doing the cooking and he accidentally touched the grill plate with his palm and burned himself. I immediately applied Pain Management Formula to his palm and in two hours when we all looked at his palm there were no blisters or even any redness present. I have recommended PMF to many of my friends who have since bought this product and were all very satisfied even though some felt it is somewhat pricey.

Cathy H.


I am a professional figure skater and I am constantly prone to injury. This is a great product that has healed me so many times that it would take a book to describe how great Pain Management Formula is. All my family now use this product and they all praise it highly.
Every athlete should carry this stuff !

Victor Petrenko
Olympic Champion


I will be honest with you. I bought this product for my knee and it didn’t help me. But when I had an MRI and it turned out that I had a torn ACL, the doctor told me I needed surgery to repair it. However, this formula has helped me with my sinus problems and I’m sure it has prevented me from getting the flu a few times, and definitely has helped a lot by relieving my lower back pain. I recommend Pain Management Formula to my family and all of my friends.

James R.


I go nowhere without Pain Management Formula. It has saved me from neuroma pain in my foot and arthritis pain in my knee. Recently when I flew to Europe, I developed sharp neck pain while  on the plane. I applied the formula and received complete pain relief within 30 minutes. This product saved my vacation. This is an excellent product and I think it should be in every household.

Maryann B.


I have decided to take a leap of faith and ordered Rubutin cream, after hearing about it on the radio. What an amazing product! I have been using it for every rash and skin problem ever since, and it always works! I've also bought the other products and they're amazing too. Thank you Dr. Fish!

Egor Panchenko


I have heard about this product from my friends but when I found out how much it was, I felt it was too costly and did not want to buy it. When the special offer was announced, I decided to buy it and give it a try. This turned out to be a phenomenal product. I have suffered from bursitis in my shoulder for the last 6 months and after only 7 applications of Pain Management Formula,  my pain is completely gone. It works like a wonder oil.

Jennifer O.


As a health care provider i was so skeptical about the products until I tried it on my toddler son and it helped him to avoid ear surgery, then i give it to my mother,for pain-the result was great-she was pain free after a short while. Now I use all the products from Dr Fish and they all work as he said.I give to my loved ones as a gifts for holidays and all my elderly and young relatives very happy with the results.
As a medical provider I can say that it is great to use natural products that actually work better than the chemically-addictive pain killers or full of side effect and artificial colors over the counter cold remedies. Many of my dear friends now using Dr Fish's products and very happy.
Thank you again for your magic Dr Fish. I highly recommend all your products to all my patients whether it is for acute injury, postoperative pain, colds,headaches,diabetic problems,skin problems, mosquito bites,burns... and even for kidney stone pain.It has many uses.Please don't stop manufacturing these magical products. They really make a difference in people's quality of life.

Irina Zenkova


Thank you so much for a great product. I have injured knee and i am a runner. My wife offered the pain management formula to me.I was skeptical at first but my wife is an anesthesia provider, so I trusted her applied formula and cream as directed. Now my pain is gone i am running again. I am so grateful! Thank you again for the excellent product !!!

Ignatuis Maturin


Dr Fish's approach to curing my wart was refreshing in these days of quick money and poor care.
Instead of treating me like part of the herd and getting paid asap, he took his time and opted for a personalized approach, according to how my body reacted to what he considered to be the best and safest treatment. Instead of burning my wart in 5 minutes and damaging my skin in the process, he patiently met with me and carefully treated my foot every week until my wart was gone.

Peter Monge


I was having back pain and I purchased Dr. Fish's pain management formula. It really works. The product is very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone who needs pain relief. Thank you Dr. Fish.

Tamara Vasilova


I have been using Dr. Fish's pain medication products for a long time now. We absolutely need to have these products in the house. I have used the pain management formula when I have had toothaches - and I have even used this formula at times when I have had hemorrhoids! Thank you Dr. Fish!!!

Robert Aminov


My family has been using products from Dr. Fish for many years. We use these products for headaches, cuts, minor inflammations, dry skin, sore knees, sore elbows etc. They have never failed us. The pain relief formula is also very effective for tooth pain. I used the formula on my knee for several days and the pain went away entirely. I highly recommend these products to anyone who has yet to try them. Thank you Dr. Fish.

Anastasia Alean


I have been using Dr. Fish's pain management formula for Plantar Fasciitis. The formula has been very helpful. It immediately brought relief for my heel pain and after a short period of time it is completely gone. I am using the formula now anytime I have muscle pains or any type of pain. I have even found it useful for head aches. I love this product. Thank you Dr. Fish.

Igor Anilovich


I have been buying Dr. Fish’s products for some time. They work. I often have body aches and pains, and his products are wonderful. I have bought his pain management formula, rubitin creme, anti fungal treatment and balm of life wound care. You can trust Dr. Fish. I use all his products.

Alex L.


I wanted to recommend the great services of Dr. Alexander Fish. After I sprained my ankle last month, I turned to his clinic, and after some time of treatment, I feel terrific! I just want to say thanks to Dr. F. and his crew, I will highly recommend you guys to anyone with a similar problem to mine!



I could not be any happier with my visit to Dr. Fish! I had an infected toenail that was poorly treated before and Dr. Fish was able to perform a quick procedure to remove the infected tissue and clear the wound.

Christine Yuhan


Doctor Fish cares about patients - I feel that my questions and concerns were addressed with high priority. It was amazing to get his call right after I left message.

Svetlana Marchukova


This unique products for many purpose, if you have any serious inflammation or pain u should have it in your home. Amazing anti bacterial products as fungus treatment formulas. I have Pain management Fofmula, Rubutin, antiseptic cleanser, medicinal soap and Pumice bar constantly at home. All products are 100% natural.

Elena Ouspenskaya


I use Dr. Fish"s products for many years . Pain management formula helps for ear, tooth ,muscle and joint pains; Rubutin-for veriious skin problems. The last, but not the least- Dr. Fish has grait personality , always answers questions truthfuly and this adds belief to his amazing natural products.

Yevgeniya Levina


I successfully completed fungal treatment; balm of life helped me with my throat problems, which I had all my life. Oregano oil safes me from a flue. Rubitin cream is best for wrinkles. Will buy again.

Nina Zanina


I jhave purchased Rubitin and fungal treatment. Rubitin really helped to improve skin and heal some skin lesions and brittle nails. However fungal treatment kit wasn't very effective and didn't meet my expectations but I can't say for sure I've used it correctly.Pain formula is real gem and "must to have" item in every house!

Liuda Ziaugra


Dr. Fish your products are great!

Zinaida Sheyson


I use it every other day to alleviate the pain. The Pain Management Formula works for me.

Sonya Tuber


All works just fine. I had probably a slight fungal problem. No longer. Thank you so much. My wife is not leaving house with no pain formula.. Loves your soap.This really helps (times less hear in tab after her shower). Again: tons of thanks to you and your staff.

Benish Tsinberg


Medicinal Soap and Rubitin Crème is FANTASTIC.THANK YOU DR.FISH.

Tatyana Sherman


I have been buying Walk and Smile products since 2013. They are helpful and their quality is high. Wild Oregano oil is unique. However, as many other healing products this one should be used in a combination with a specific diet. If you do not follow a certain diet, you will not see how effective Oregano oil is. For example, if you have some kind of fungal infection and receive treatment in Dr. Fish's office, you should the same time completely exclude milk-, sugar-, and bread- products. Any serious treatment should be complex. Some other products are rather the “first aid” in your home. Pain relief formula can be used for many purposes; one of them is different kinds of backaches which are usual for people after 50-60. I recommend to always having it handy. The same with Rubutin cream that is helpful for cuts and burns. My neighbor uses it to treat hemorrhoids and is satisfied. Everybody can find something for him/herself to use in Dr. Fish’s Walk and Smile Company. These products are much better than what you can find in a pharmacy because they are natural.

Anna Toom


Dr. Fish's "Mosquito" is the most amazing bug repellent that I have ever tried. My wife had a tick on her arm, and the usual methods failed to even budge it. Two sprays of the "Mosquto", and the tick practically jumped off! No tick = no Lyme disease. Thank you Dr. Fish!

Alex Eingorn


After many years of suffering from chronic sinus infections, five years ago I was scheduled for a major invasive sinus surgery. Exactly three days prior to scheduled operation, I came across Dr.Fish's pain management formula and cream Robutin. As per Dr.Fish.s recommendation after my third application I was fully relieved and I had cancelled my surgery. But most importantly I haven't had any problems with my sinuses for five years.
Thank you Dr.Fish

Leonid B


I had a rash on my lower leg for two months I tried several over the counter creams and a prescription cream with no relief. I used Rubutin for five days and the rash was gone. Great product. thanks so much.

George Truitt


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