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Fungal Treatment

"In my many years of experience, I have concluded that fungal disorders reoccur due to the fact that most physicians prescribe medicines that treat only the symptoms. By treating the cause of the fungal disorder, I not only get to the root of the problem, but also prevent absolutely its return."

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Complete Anti-Fungal Treatment Kit for Nails & Skin

Our price $192.00



  • Antiseptic Formula for Nails and Skin (0.33 oz / 10 ml)
  • Antiseptic Moisturizer
  • Antiseptic ShoeSpray
  • Antiseptic Cleanser
  • Pumice Bar


Please note:
If you have 3 or more infected nails, Dr. A.Fish recommends
that you purchase the Antiseptic Formula (2 oz / 60 ml)
since this size will be more cost-effective for you.


  Complete Anti-Fungal Treatment Kit for Nails & Skin

Regular Price $290.00
Our price $275.00



  • Antiseptic Formula for Nails and Skin (2 oz / 60 ml )
  • Antiseptic Moisturizer
  • Antiseptic ShoeSpray
  • Antiseptic Cleanser
  • Pumice Bar
  • Foot Deodorant (Free Gift)




Before each use, empty dropper completely and shake formula well.

1. Test for allergies by placing a small drop of Antiseptic Formula on the inside of your wrist. If no redness or itchiness occurs within 30 minutes, you may safely use the formula.

2. It is crucial that you continue to see your podiatrist or physician for debridement before, during, and after using Anti-Fungal Treatment until your nails have returned to normal.

3. Cleanse feet daily using the Antiseptic Cleanser and the Biodegradable Pumice Bar to remove excess dead skin (fungus thrives in dead skin). For best results, use regularly as a preventative treatment against Athlete’s Foot in the future.

4. Massage 4-5 drops of the Antiseptic Moisturizer into each foot, especially between the toes and around the nails. Use twice a day until condition clears up. If you have maceration between the toes, fold a 2x2” gauze pad three times and place between affected toes. Leave on for the day. Please note that this product can also be used to prevent the future occurrence of Athlete’s Foot.

5. At night, directly after applying Antiseptic Moisturizer, place one drop of Antiseptic Formula on each nail, using your finger to spread over the nail. Allow the formula to dry for a few minutes. Close cap tightly and store away from light.

6. Spray your shoes with the Antiseptic Foot Spray once a week or as needed to kill fungus and remove any unpleasant odor.

7. Apply Foot Deodorant each morning to help prevent the feet from perspiring.






Foot care, as we know it, is about to make an important transition from the purely cosmetic to the intrinsically restorative, thanks to the expertise and initiative of Dr. Alexander Fish.

Through his many years of practice, Dr. Fish has encountered a series of foot problems that he realized could have been avoided with the proper preventive care. This led to the creation of Dr. Fish’s Comprehensive Anti-Fungal Treatment Kits.


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