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Why Dr. Fish prescribes Walk and Smile´s
Athlete´s Foot Treatment Kit

  • Walk and Smile´s Athlete´s Foot Treatment Kit offers a comprehensive approach to treating this common fungal disorder that will help prevent its reoccurrence. Many patients who suffer from Athlete´s Foot will know from past experience that the condition returns most of the time. A daily regimen using the Antiseptic Cleanser will help maintain the healthy condition of the feet, thereby protecting them from a reoccurrence of the disorder.
  • Included in Walk and Smile´s Athlete´s Foot Treatment Kit is the Antiseptic Moisturizer because it will treat and prevent the skin and toenails from becoming re-infected. The Foot Deodorant is particularly crucial to the treatment since it suppresses perspiration, keeping the feet dry and odor-free. In addition, regular use of the Pumice Bar will reduce the thickness of dead skin (calloused skin) where the fungus lives and thrives.
  • Walk and Smile products are 100% natural and safe to use on everyone, including the very young and the very old. They are especially recommended for use by athletes whose activities make them particularly vulnerable to fungal infections. Most importantly, Dr. Fish´s clinical research has concluded that the habit of taking proper care of your feet by maintaining personal hygiene and taking preventative measures should be instilled at an early age. This may only be accomplished through a comprehensive approach, which is why he created the Athlete´s Foot Treatment Kit, the quick and easy way to treat this all-too-common foot ailment.


Why Dr. Fish has created the
Complete Anti-Fungal Treatment Kit

The Antiseptic Formula is recommended for treatment of acute and chronic fungal disorders of the skin and nails, as well as cuts, abrasions, burns, ulcers and poorly healing wounds.

  • The Antiseptic Moisturizer is an excellent moisturizer and antiseptic for your skin that helps treat athlete´s foot, jock itch and diaper rash as well as eczema and seborrhea. The formula also promotes the healing of brittle and peeling nails.
  • The Antiseptic Cleanser is a refreshing wash formulated to both treat and prevent fungal and other bacterial maladies.
  • The Antiseptic Shoe Spray eliminates 97.5% of the bacteria or fungi that cause fungal infections to reoccur, especially on athletes who use public showers.
  • The Foot Deodorant keeps feet free of perspiration and odor, while helping to maintain a healthy and clean skin surface.
  • The Pumice Bar is a unique biodegradable tool that gently exfoliates calluses, corns and the dead outer layer of the skin. Daily use prevents the possibility of infection since it naturally disposes of any bacteria or fungi on its surface by breaking down and disposing of the surface every time it is used.

In short, Walk and Smile´s Complete Anti-Fungal Treatment Kit is a comprehensive system that treats every area of your body that is susceptible to fungal infections AND prevents their reoccurrence in a 100% natural way.


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