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Fungal Treatment

"In my many years of experience, I have concluded that fungal disorders reoccur due to the fact that most physicians prescribe medicines that treat only the symptoms. By treating the cause of the fungal disorder, I not only get to the root of the problem, but also prevent absolutely its return."

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Biodegradable Pumice Bar

Biodegradable Pumice Bar
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  • Gently exfoliates calluses, corns and the dead outer layer of the skin.
  • Prevents the possibility of infection since it naturally disposes of any bacteria or fungi on its surface by breaking down and disposing of the surface every time it is used.


In order to achieve the feel of smooth, baby-like skin, use your Pumice Bar every day along with Antiseptic Cleanser and Rubutin Cream or Antiseptic Moisturizer.

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