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Wound Care

"Increases restorative functions of the human body and stimulates the metabolic immune response to pathogenic agents such as free radicals, bacteria, viruses and fungi. Especially useful for the serious athlete since it helps maintain and restore the body's highest energy level"

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Balm of Life (Restorative Elixir)

24 oz / 1 ½ lb

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Dr. Alexander Fish, in collaboration with well-known beekeepers in Montana, has fashioned this unique formulation of Propolis (30,000 mg.), Bee Pollen (10,000 mg.) and the optimal acidic percentage of over 2% Royal Jelly (120,000 mg.) in pure unfiltered honey from Montana to create this sublime elixir.

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Wound Care Kit

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Medicinal Soap - $35.00 value
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  • Antiseptic Formula (2oz / 60 ml)
  • Balm of Life (1 ½ lb)

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