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Fungal Treatment

"In my many years of experience, I have concluded that fungal disorders reoccur due to the fact that most physicians prescribe medicines that treat only the symptoms. By treating the cause of the fungal disorder, I not only get to the root of the problem, but also prevent absolutely its return."

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Antiseptic Formula

Antiseptic Formula

0.33 oz / 10 ml

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Recommended for treatment of acute and chronic fungal disorders of the nails.


Medicinal blend of exotic essential oils diluted with USP grade DMSO.
Ingredients used in this formula are approved by a designation of American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called GRAS (Generally recognized as safe).


  • Fungal infections of the nails
  • Cuts, abrasions
  • Burns
  • Ulcers and poorly healing wounds



Before each use, empty dropper completely and shake formula well.

Test for allergies by placing a small drop of Antiseptic Formula on the inside of your wrist. If no redness or itchiness occurs within 30 minutes, you may safely use the formula.

For nails: Apply Antiseptic Formula to each nail every night with a Q-tip and let dry for few minutes. For better result use in combination with Antiseptic Moisturizer or Complete Anti-Fungal Set.

For burns: It is crucial that Antiseptic Formula be applied no more than 15-30 seconds after the burn occurs. Gently apply Antiseptic Formula onto the affected area. A burning sensation will be present for 5 minutes. DO NOT PANIC. In 10 minutes, you will see the results: No blistering or irritation from the burn!

For cuts, abrasions and poorly healing wounds: Apply 1 drop directly onto the cut or wound. Cover with a band-aid. You will feel a burning sensation for a few minutes. DO NOT PANIC.

For ulcers: See detailed instructions for Wound Care Kit.

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